Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This Just In - Diners on the Quarter

You can vote to put Al's Diner, the Rosebud, or the Miss Worcester Diner on the Massachusetts quarter! Sure, there are other, non-diner sites, but come on! Check it out here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Country Fare Restaruant; Falmouth, MA

breakfast brilliance!
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potatoes + scrambled eggs + melty cheese + HOLLANDAISE SAUCE = omg i loved it so much.

sadly, i've forgotten what they called it. it was on the specials board. It is supposed to have meat as well, but i thought it was great without.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

11th St Diner: Miami, FL

diners with a liquor license rule
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I used to live on South Beach, about 4 blocks from the 11th St Diner, but it was a long time before i developed my diner obsession. We were extremely broke at the time so i was more likely to eat cheaply at the Miami Subs across the street. i can only remember eating here once.

From what i can dig up, this diner started life at the Paramount Modular Concepts factory and then spent 48 years at the Olympic Diner in Wilkes-Barre, PA. It moved to Miami in 1992 - the same year i moved there. It has been welcomed with open arms and become a staple for hungry club-goers on South Beach.

Even though i can't review the food, it is the first classic diner i remember ever seeing. i was recently in south florida and thought i would swing by and take a few pictures.

11th St Diner
1065 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, FL
Google map

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Deluxe Town Diner Plates and Placemats

Apparently you can buy Deluxe Town Diner placemats and plates, made by the company Bob's Your Uncle. BYU is a Boston-based company, but they sell only to retailers, hence the links to those third party shops.

The Deluxe is our favorite local diner, so these are pretty appealing, although I kinda wish they'd feature better photographs.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Parkway Diner: Worcester, MA

The Parkway Diner in Worcester lives across the street from the much more famous Boulevard Diner, but that doesn't mean it should be ignored. Sadly, its first impression is pretty poor. The exterior, which I can only assume used to look like a classic Worcester car (the Parkway is dated to the 1930's according to Gutman, owned by the Evangelista family since the 50's), was at one point torn off and replaced with this '80s-looking bit of sad frontage. However, on walking inside, you get the classic diner ambiance.

The actual diner portion of the restaurant is very small and has no booths, only two rows of counter seating, which is pretty rare to see in a Worcester car. It's not actually suitable for anything more than dining solo or with a friend. Three people would be pushing it.

Fortunately, the Parkway features an adjacent dining room suitable for parties of any size. While you don't get the ambiance, if you want good diner food as a big group, this might be the place for you. Even the Boulevard can't boast a dining room.

Anyway, on to the food!

Since the Parkway is an Italian diner, I wanted to order an Italian breakfast. You know, two eggs, red sauce, Italian sausage, toast, home fries. But I spotted something I'd never seen before: a meatball omelet! I had to order it, so I did. And boy was it good. The omelet came out bulging with meatballs, and had a little tiny hole where it was bleeding marinara sauce, like a wounded, delicious animal. Oh yes. It was awesome.

Our friend Scott thought the home fries sucked, as there was no seasoning or onions or anything. I didn't hate the home fries, but I didn't really notice them at all since they were so middle-of-the-road. But Scott's right, they're basically potatoes and butter.

The toast was really great. Done just right, nice amount of butter on everything. We couldn't stop eating it.

So if you're in Worcester, don't judge a book by its cover: you should definitely give the Parkway a try. They're open for breakfast and lunch, and they do dinner Fri/Sat/Sun.

Parkway Diner
148 Shrewsbury St
Worcester, MA 01603
(Google map)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Vegan Diner in Worcester?

My friend Drew Wilson just launched a campaign to open a vegan diner in Worcester, MA. Sounds like a long shot, but I think it's a pretty cool idea. If you're the kind of person who likes to support stuff like this, head over to the campaign site and pledge some dough.

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Eddie's Breakfast & Lunch: Newton, MA

So, this place isn't a diner, it's a dinette. But Dharia insists that since we laid out our definitions, we can review dinettes now.

Anyway, we've been to Eddie's Breakfast & Lunch once before and wanted to get a quick breakfast today, so we headed over to give it another shot even though we weren't blown away the last time.

The dinette has been in the neighborhood for many years. There's weird office-style stools at the counter, and some pretty hideous wallpaper. Of course, there's also a cool banner on the kitchen hood that says, "My name's Eddie, your breakfast is ready!" Which is pretty neat.

Eddies kitchen newton

The food, on the other hand, was not really that neat. We got water to drink, and it was served in red solo cups. Dharia ordered Eddie's Highway Special. At $3.75, it's a good deal for an egg and cheese on a bagel/muffin/toast with your choice of meat and a heap of home fries. The eggs were pretty fluffy and the sandwich was decent. My order wasn't so good. At first I asked for a Monte Cristo--but then the waitress asked me what kind of bread I wanted. Uh, isn't a Monte Cristo always served on French toast? The only options were white, wheat, rye, and English muffin. Odd. I immediately switched my order to The Ivan, which is roast beef, Swiss cheese, and fried onions. Got it on rye, and it was okay. Just okay. I felt kind of cheated for $6.

Eddies Highway Special

The people are pretty friendly at Eddie's, but I don't think I'll be going back.

Eddie's Breakfast & Lunch
394 Watertown St.
Newtonville, MA 02458
(617) 964-3277
(Google Map)

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