Monday, September 12, 2005


Dharia and I are pretty crazy about diners. We've decided to start this group blog to talk about all the different diners we've been to, post pictures of these diners, review the food and the atmosphere, and maybe even talk about things to do nearby a diner.

So yes, this is going to be about diners, and will be mostly New England diners, since that's where we live. The rules of full disclosure dictate that I say right off the bat: we are prejudiced in favor of Worcester Lunch Cars, because we used to live in Worcester, where they were manufactured. Our first date was in one of these diners.

Keep your eyes peeled. We'll be updating shortly.


At 6:47 AM, Blogger Darren Torpey said...

Cool, I didn't know your first date was in a diner. That's neat.

I like the idea of this blog -- I'll be looking forward to reading it.



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