Monday, September 04, 2006

The New Ideal Diner: Aberdeen, MD

During our recent trip to northern VA, we stopped for a very early breakfast at The New Ideal Diner in Aberdeen, MD. Its an O'Mahoney that looks to be in excellent condition. Walking in we noticed the gorgeous green trim along the bands on the outside.

The inside of the diner is decorated in mint green to match the outside panels, which was beautiful in the overcast morning light. The booths looked like they could've been original, but are probably a very tasteful renovation. I saw nothing hokey and "retro-fied" anywhere in the diner.

There were very few customers there yet, but it started to fill up quickly. The sign out front boasts a full dinenr menu and maryland crabs. Its nice to see some diners can get enough business to stay open for dinner!

The breakfast menu was standard diner food: omelets, pancakes, french toast. Our food was mediocre, but in a trustworthy kind of way. I was expecting a filling, standard diner omelet... and that's exactly what i got. Darius ordered the "Malted Waffle" which, while tasty, wasn't anything special.

The New Ideal Diner
(410) 272-1880
104 S Philadelphia Blvd (Rte 40)
Aberdeen, MD

(google/local map)


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Not wheelchair accessible.


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