Sunday, May 21, 2006

Four Sisters Owl Diner: Lowell, MA

This morning we headed into Lowell, since there are a few diners there that we haven't eaten at before. Our first choice was the Paradise Diner, but it turns out that's closed on Sundays. So instead we hit up the nearby Four Sisters Owl Diner.

The diner's a 1947 Worcester with a dining room added on. I think add-on dining rooms are great, because it gives large parties a chance to get some good breakfast while leaving room for parties of four or fewer to actually get a chance to sit in diner itself. And today, we got a chance to sit right at the counter, which is probably the ideal configuration for a party of two.

One of the first things I noticed is that the waitress and the grill cook were both really, really friendly. Wel, the other thing I noticed was the giant orange old-style fridge. This thing is awesome and has this beautiful black trim that you can't really see in the photograph.

They have a huge omelette menu, where each omelette is named after a street in Lowell. Dharia ordered the Woburn omelette (I think), which was spinach, mushrooms, and Swiss. I noticed that they were pimping their baked ham big time on the menu, so I ordered Eggs Benedict, which they make with their ham instead of the usual Canadian bacon.

We got our dishes and we couldn't have been more pleased. Dharia noted that the home fries were really incredibly tasty. But I didn't really notice, because I was too busy eating tasty, tasty ham. This isn't your ordinary breakfast ham. This a big thick piece of pork, straight off the bone, baked and then grilled to perfection. Check out this blurry-cam shot of the ham in action:

Oh yeah. I would marry that ham, but it's not legal in this state. Damn you, Massachusetts. So the Benny here is the most enjoyable Benny I've ever had... on the basis of ham alone! Everything else about the dish was certainly okay, but the ham hurtled it into the stratosphere of breakfast greatness.

Back to the home fries. We were watching the waitress and the grill chef mess around with the grill (one of the benefits of sitting at the counter). And suddenly the waitress poured about a cup of butter and a cup of Old Bay seasoning onto the cooking home fries. AHA! That's what makes them taste so good. Mmmm. Truckload of butter...

Maybe the coolest part about this diner, aside from the ham, is the fact that it's really bustling on a Sunday morning. There's large families eating in the dining room, and the main diner is full of folks too. It's that kind of atmosphere that I love about the best diners in the country.

Four Sisters Owl Diner
(978) 453-8321
244 Appleton St
Lowell, MA, 01852
(Google Local/Map)


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