Sunday, January 01, 2006

Rosebud Diner: Somerville, MA

The Rosebud Diner is in the bustling Davis Square area of Somerville. Although its been rundown in the past, the area has undergone a renaissance in the recent past and is now a hip, fun neighborhood. The Rosebud Diner reflects that history and fits right in.
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Darius and I went there for sunday brunch a few weeks ago. There was a wait to get a table, which i see as a good sign for ANY diner. How can you trust a diner thats not packed on a sunday morning? The Rosebud was built later that most of the Worcester Lunch Cars (1941) and that's reflected in the modernized, streamlined style. But the distinctive ceramic plates on the side are a giveaway for the Worcester Co. Each color was painted on the plates and fired individually, and you can feel the texture of each layer of glaze. The Rosebud is the first diner where i've walked right up to the plates and touched them. pretty cool!

Even though there is a full restaurant built onto the back of the diner, we ate in the front, original diner area. The grill area has been converted to a full bar, and we had fun ordering mimosas with our brunch! I'm a total sucker for hollandaise sauce and was very pleased that one of the weekend specials was eggs florentine (spinach instead of ham). The food was excellent. The only downside is that that after two breakfast specials and two alcoholic beverages, our bill was nearly $30! oops, that was a little shocking when you're used to diners being the cheapest way to eat. but it was worth it.

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Rosebud Diner
(617) 666-6015
381 Summer St
Somerville, MA 02144
(Google Local/Map)


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