Tuesday, December 05, 2006

video of the Kullman Factory

Watch 'webisode' #9 of the Food Network show "Dave Does..." to get a brief tour of the Kullman Factory and interview with owner Harry Kullman. Its a quick watch, but fun.

The last segment is a bit of a stretch for me. He lumps soda fountains in with diners, simply because they are "retro". Soda fountains are wicked cool but they are not, as the man states in the clip, a predecessor of diners. Yes, they did become 'diner restaurants' that served burgers and fries in the 50's, but Lunch Wagon-style diners evolved from a completely different path. Unfortunately, these two things have morphed together in today's pop culture into the Johnny Rockets-1950's-sock-hop-style kind of place we see whenever people hear "Retro". That's why i find the decor at many classic diners so annoying. A 1928 Worcester Lunch Car is no place for the James Dean and Marilyn Monroe posters you often see!


At 8:53 AM, Blogger Jim said...

well put - "retro" in our culture has unfortunately become a sameness in most people's minds - particularly the young. my kids who are young adults see everything from the 1980s and before as one thing - literally. 50s? 60s? 70s? the only difference they see is hairstyle and clothing. seriously!

keep up the great work - this is an awesome site. i found it through randy garbin's roadside.


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