Tuesday, May 27, 2008

11th St Diner: Miami, FL

diners with a liquor license rule
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I used to live on South Beach, about 4 blocks from the 11th St Diner, but it was a long time before i developed my diner obsession. We were extremely broke at the time so i was more likely to eat cheaply at the Miami Subs across the street. i can only remember eating here once.

From what i can dig up, this diner started life at the Paramount Modular Concepts factory and then spent 48 years at the Olympic Diner in Wilkes-Barre, PA. It moved to Miami in 1992 - the same year i moved there. It has been welcomed with open arms and become a staple for hungry club-goers on South Beach.

Even though i can't review the food, it is the first classic diner i remember ever seeing. i was recently in south florida and thought i would swing by and take a few pictures.

11th St Diner
1065 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, FL
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