Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wilson's Diner: Waltham, MA

We tried to like Wilson's Diner.

Our last apartment was walking distance from the Boulevard Diner. Life was good. Two years ago we moved, leaving our favorite diner behind. Imagine the excitement when we discovered that our new place in Waltham was walking distance from another beautifully maintained Worcester Lunch Car!

The atmosphere at Wilson's is great, it has all the characteristics of a great diner: family run, devoted regular patrons, and a small menu featuring greek specialties. The first time we ate there, our food was mediocre. We decided that it was probably just bad luck, we needed to find their 'jewel item', like other diners that have blah egg dishes, but heavenly french toast. There must be some items on the menu that are good, we thought.

We have gone back to Wilson's many times. The fresh baked muffins grilled in butter are pretty good. Unfortunately everything else on the menu is mediocre, or worse. We've tried the egg-y things, the bread-y things and the meat-y things; they were all disappointing. I wouldn't even classify it as "a good greasy spoon" as some people like to describe many diners. A good greasy spoon should still be able to make delicious food.

we've procrastinated on writing this review. We really wanted to like Wilson's, especially since it is our closest diner. We wanted it to be our regular brunch place. Wilson's is a great example of a classic worcester diner, one of the only ones in the metro-west area. The food is fast, the prices low, and the staff friendly. If you want an authentic new england diner without going very far, it is worth checking out. If you want a really great breakfast, keep going.

Wilson's Diner
507 Main St
Waltham, MA 02452
(781) 899-0760
(Google Map)

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