Tuesday, June 05, 2007

"Keep the Menu Small"

Apparently, NY/NJ diners pay the price for their gigantic menus. New York Magazine just published a feature where they profiled different businesses and how they manage to turn a profit. One of those businesses is the Silver Star diner in the Upper East Side of NYC. Check out the article here.

(Also, not surprising is that their least profitable customers are the elderly, who tend to return food.)

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At 6:01 AM, Blogger randygee said...

I recently had lunch with Peter Makrias, the publisher of Estiator Magazine, the Greek food service periodical. He revealed to me that business at most of these large Greek diners is going down, not up. He speculated, probably correctly, that these guys have menus that are too large and food that is too ordinary. People are just not responding to it like they used to. When you feature EVERY DISH EVER MADE, quality has to give way somewhere. He cited the City Limits Diner in White Plains, NY as an example of how to do it. I was pretty much in agreement with the guy.

Mr. Greek Diner owner: Pare down these menus!!


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